Kilian Bron- Colours of Mexico

Introducing: ‘Colours of Mexico’ a Mountain Biking visual masterpiece

Step behind the scenes of the thrilling mountain biking film, “Colours of Mexico,” which was showcased at the Radical Reels Film Tour 2023 (& can now be streamed online here at AdventureReelsTV.com). Join Kilian Bron, a true mountain bike globetrotter on his epic journey to Mexico. The team included Pierre Henni, the director, videographer, and editor, Pierre Dupont, the drone expert, and Benjamin Durand, the production assistant and local stage guru.

In the short film that is ‘Colours of Mexico,’ Kilian Bron takes us on a high-paced adventure, showcasing the richness of the country. With an original soundtrack composed by Léo Lunel and Perrine Le Guennec, the film transports us from the vibrant facades of Guanajuato’s houses to the towering volcanoes of Popocatepetl (soaring 5,300 metres above sea level) and Colima. Along the way, the journey crosses agave fields, pine forests, explores the old funicular line at Barranca De Huentican, and traces the picturesque Pacific coast.

The Concept:

In their most recent edit, the team expertly melded elements from their earlier “Tour De France” and “Follow the Light” videos, crafting a visual masterpiece that is truly one-of-a-kind. The montage unfolds with a captivating array of images, each distinct in its own right yet harmonised by a vibrant and cohesive palette of colours. The video maintains an unwavering sense of energy and allure, keeping the audience thoroughly engaged throughout.

Behind the scenes, Kilian, the driving force of the project, meticulously orchestrated the entire endeavour. He immersed himself in exhaustive research, dedicating numerous hours each day to meticulously pinpoint specific locations. The art of anticipation was a cornerstone, with preparations thoroughly made long before the journey commenced.

During his travels, Kilian’s passion for local immersion shone brightly. He forged genuine connections with fellow riders in every region, cultivating meaningful relationships with the people he encountered along the way. Amid the thrill of exploration, the team seamlessly managed the practicalities of daily life. This encompassed everything from scouting out the best local eateries to coordinating essential tasks like refuelling the car and laundering clothes. Managing the intricacies of bike maintenance and mechanics was a crucial aspect, as was the quest for diverse and comfortable accommodations.

These seemingly mundane yet vital facets of life elegantly intertwined with the challenges of filming, creating a rich tapestry that underscored the depth of their journey and the profound discoveries made within the heart of the country.

Kilian Bron in 'Colours of Mexico' mid- jump above a man riding his horse. Photo credit: 'Colours of Mexico'
Kilian Bron in ‘Colours of Mexico’ mid- jump above a man riding his horse. Photo credit: ‘Colours of Mexico’ film.


The chosen video format demands extensive location scouting before filming, a task that involves careful planning. To avoid stagnation the team moves around a lot, never staying in one place for too long. The routine typically involves spending two days at a single location, offering the perfect opportunity for an initial exploration of the mountains. This exploration allows them to identify the ideal spots, ensuring the footage captures the essence of the terrain. The process involves a day for recon and another for shooting.

To facilitate their movements and interactions, they wisely employed a local interpreter for this particular trip. This strategic decision not only streamlined the process of obtaining necessary permits but also enabled seamless communication with the locals, adding depth and authenticity to their encounters with the vibrant Mexican culture.

Movement through the streets of Mexico, image credit: 'Colours of Mexico' film.
Movement through the streets of Mexico, image credit: ‘Colours of Mexico’ film.

The Team:

In the lead-up to the project’s completion, the entire team is fully immersed, putting in 100% effort. The chosen video formats serve as their driving force, maintaining their signature style characterised by carefully crafted image sequences. Music is an integral part of their approach, with a specially composed soundtrack that captures the essence of Mexico, its people, and traditions. Every detail has been meticulously planned, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable experience for the viewers.

Benjamin Durand, the Production Assistant and local stage guru, Pierre Henni, the Videographer/ Director & Pierre Dupont, the Drone Expert.
Benjamin Durand, the Production Assistant and local stage guru, Pierre Henni, the Videographer/ Director & Pierre Dupont, the Drone Expert.

Popocatepetl Summit:

During their month-long adventure in Mexico, the team embarked on a daring expedition, perhaps the wildest one yet. What was unexpected, especially for Kilian, was the ascent of Mexico’s most active volcano.

Popocatepetl, towering at approximately 5,300 metres above sea level, posed an intimidating challenge. Access was tightly regulated, but the team successfully secured a two-day window, where they were entirely self-reliant.

The expedition was nothing short of magical, an experience that resonated deeply before, during, and after the climb. Yet, amidst all the memories, one moment stood out vividly: the profound sense of solitude experienced at an altitude surpassing 5,000 metres, enveloped in the night’s stillness.

Popocatepetl, Mexico's most active Volcano
Popocatepetl, Mexico’s most active Volcano

Kilian Bron’s experience in Mexico goes beyond the mere exploration of places. As he puts it, “You can’t sum up a trip by simply visiting places. Most of our memories are moments shared with the local population. We had the chance to meet great people, and that’s what made the biggest impression on us in Mexico! No matter the circumstances, we were welcomed and helped in the best way.”

In the exhilarating tale of their Mexican escapade, the team’s unwavering dedication and passion shine through. From the planning behind the vibrant video formats to the daring ascent of Popocatepetl, every moment was infused with the spirit of adventure.

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