Exploring Baffin’s Frozen Frontiers

Skiing, climbing and Kayaking through one of the coldest corners of the earth.

Is it possible for two people to do it all?

Sarah McNair-Landry and Erik Boomer have proven it is. As they embark on a multi- sport expedition, travelling through remote parts of Baffin Island Canada, the couple spend 45 days searching for stunning cliffs to climb and unexplored rivers to whitewater kayak. This seemingly ‘viking’ expedition, sees the pair battle unimaginable conditions whilst filming themselves and creating a mind-blowing visual journal of their trip titled, ‘A Baffin Vacation’. 

Pretty much polar royalty, Sarah was raised by two of the most famous polar explorers, Maddie McNair and Paul Landry on the arctic island of Baffin, where it snows pretty much year round and roads are miles away. Dog sledding with a pack of huskies was the ‘normal’ mode of transport as well as learning how to survive and live in extreme conditions was pretty much high school for Sarah and her brother.

Sarah McNair- Landry in Baffin Island

Today Sarah is a professional explorer, filmmaker and photographer and has spent the last 20 years adventuring and making world records in the harshest corners of the earth. However, her true passion is travelling via kite-ski. Along with her brother the duo kite-skied 3,300 km retracing the Northwest Passage. The journey took them 85 days, battling rough ice, polar bears, and open water. This is just one of the many adventures Sarah has embarked on.

A match made in Heaven

Erik Boomer, is a professional kayaker, photographer, Polar Guide and featured athlete in numerous adventure films. With many first descents of rivers and waterfalls to his name, Boomer specialises in kayaking some of the world’s toughest rivers. Now, arguably one of his best achievements, Erik finds himself as the partner- in- adventure to Sarah McNair- Landry… power couple!

Born and raised in the grand Teton mountain range of Idaho, Erik is no stranger to rough terrains and harsh climates, proving to share the same deeply rooted love for the outdoors as Sarah. Sharing a passion for doing the unthinkable has led them to accomplish one of their greatest feats yet: a 45 day trip through Baffin Island.

‘A Baffin Vacation’

Erik Boomer and Sarah McNair-Landry in the film a ‘Baffin Vacation’

Some people like to vacation on warm tropical islands, but not Sarah and Erik.

The coldest that Sarah has ever spent in a tent? She has no idea; the thermometer only goes down to minus 40. “Cold enough for the tequila to freeze,” she jokes with Erik.

With a passion for snow, ice and freezing cold adventures, the two set out to one of the coldest corners of the earth, to ski, kayak and climb their way around an island of ice and snow in the Arctic.

“The expedition was completely self-filmed – which added a fun challenge. Being the characters and the filmmakers, all while on expedition and working physically hard every day was at times challenging, especially to be motivated to film at the end of long days”, explains Sarah.

Since the pair skied in with all their expedition supplies, climbing gear, kayak gear and food for 45 days, it was vital to be as light as possible. Which meant limited camera equipment and limited battery power. With only a small solar battery set up, every drone flight had to count!

During the expedition of Baffin Island

When asked about a mishap story during the trip, Sarah responded with this golden nugget; “While hauling our kayaks across a thin pan of ice, the ice suddenly gave way and Erik fell through the ice into the Arctic Ocean. 

I remember clearly thinking – should I film this, or should I help? I decided to help, I pushed out a kayak so he could grab onto it.

As soon as Erik got back onto the slightly thicker ice, he looked at me and said, “why didn’t you film it?

Now I know – film first, help second”.

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